About Aston Hill

Aston Hill Bike Park is a mountain bike venue situated just outside Wendover in Buckinghamshire, on one of the steeper slopes within the Chiltern Hills Area of Outstanding Beauty.

The park features five graded downhill (DH) runs, a 4X track and a two-part cross-country (XC) loop. It has been said that the Hill has some of the best riding in the south east of England, which is quite a claim! Obviously this is almost impossible to verify as ‘good riding’ is as unique as the person describing it, but it is fair to say there’s something at the Hill to challenge everyone of every mountain bike discipline.*

Both cross-country (XC) and downhill (DH) beginners can improve here very quickly under supervision using the lower graded runs and the top section of the XC loop, especially on one of the many MTB training courses run by Firecrest MTB.

Aston Hill is very lucky to have some highly experienced trail designers and builders and the tracks are in a constant state of evolution to maintain a heady mix of old-school naturally technical and more contemporary ‘flow’-based riding. Our committee consists of several business owners with independent websites like comprogear.com. Since the committee took over in 2008 every trail has been tuned to add interest and reduce permanent damage to the Hill, while adhering to Forestry Commission and IMBA guidelines.

*Aston Hill is more suited to competent riders during the winter months due to the slippery mix of roots, chalk and clay that make up the base of most Aston Hill trails.

Fees and Membership

Aston Hill is a pay-to-ride centre. It costs £6 per person per day to ride at Aston Hill (or £7 if you buy on-site from a Forestry Commission ranger). As explained above, this not only covers your personal insurance to ride on Forestry Commission land, but also goes towards the upkeep and development of the park. You can book your daypass here.

If you ride at Aston Hill a lot, it’s worth taking out one of the CTC / Aston Hill membership packages. Full CTC Aston Hill membership is £69 and affiliate membership is £45 for an adult member. Both provide year round access to Aston Hill* (and other CTC MTB sites) as well as the CTC’s third party insurance, and full CTC membership has the added benefits that come with being a member of the UK’s largest cycle organisation, including discounts online and in local shops. There are also junior and family memberships available: see the membership and fees page for more information.

Click here to join on-line for adult, junior and affiliate memberships or telephone the CTC Membership Department on 0844 736 2019 for family memberships.

*Subject to trail closures, events and restrictions.

Opening hours

Up to date opening hours can be found on the times page.

The Committee

The committee is the driving force behind Aston Hill. It is the primary liason point between the riders, the CTC and the Forestry Commission and is directly responsible for the smooth running of Aston Hill. You can thank the committee for all the new trails.

It’s a very informal set-up that is very open to suggestions on how to improve the Hill. If you have any ideas, either grab a committee member or one of the Forestry Commission rangers.


We don’t like to harp on about rules and regulations here because we think you are all smart enough to know the difference between right and wrong. Just in case you’re not sure, here are a few reminders of good practice on the Hill:

  • Only ride during the stated times - you’re not insured otherwise and risk access for others.
  • Pay to ride - this funds the Hill and keeps it open.
  • Wear a helmet - do you really need to be told this?
  • Hide your kit – keep bags hidden and valuables in cars out of sight. There are tea leaves about!
  • Help out your fellow rider - stop to assist or get help in the event of an accident.
  • Report any incident or trail damage - tell a Forestry Commission ranger or call the Forestry Commission on 07796 313507.
  • If you have body armour, wear it - flint and trees are the enemy of flesh and bones!
  • Clean yourself afterwards - These trails will get you dirty. Uncleaned dirt breeds bacteria. Stay clean to stay healthy.
  • Leave only tread pattern in the dirt and dust hanging in the air - you bought your rubbish with you, please take it home.
  • Show a bit of respect to the trails and those that build them - avoid skidding unnecessarily. Skids are for kids, don’tcha know?
  • Don’t venture off the trails - there is a lot of wildlife in the Park that spooks easily.
  • Do not build trails - join the digging crew and learn to do it properly!
  • Ride within your limits - like it needs to be said!
  • Be realistic about how appropriate your bike and equipment is - if in doubt, check the frequently asked questions or take your bike to one of the shops listed under Friends of Aston Hill for some professional advice.