Aston Hill Bike Park

Aston Hill Trails

A quick overview of what there is to ride at the Park


  • Surface 2 Air

    Surface 2 Air

    Length: 1 min. 30 secs.

    Steep, fast and loaded with jumps, Surface 2 Air is a little piece of Whistler in Buckinghamshire.

  • The Black Run

    The Black Run

    Length: 1 min. 50 secs.

    While it may be the oldest trail in the park, constant tweaks have kept the Black Run bang up-to-date.

  • Root Canal

    Root Canal

    Length: 1 min. 30 secs.

    An expert-level trail, the infamous J-turns at the bottom still catch out the unwary!

  • Ricochet


    Length: 1 min. 50 secs.

    The more gentle top section is a great way of getting into riding downhill, and the bottom makes a great introduction to riding at Aston Hill.

  • Red Run

    Red Run

    Length: 1 min. 30 secs.

    While not as testing as other tracks, the Red Run’s twists and turns still keep seasoned pros on their toes!

  • Cross Country (XC)

    Cross Country (XC)

    Length: approx. 5 miles / 6.5km

    Technical descents and lung-busting climbs make the XC route a great way to prepare for next year’s enduro season.

  • Pumptrack


    Length: As long as you can manage!

    A recent addition to Aston Hill, the whoops, jumps and rollers are a great place to develop skills.

  • 4X


    Length: approx. 45 secs

    All jumps are safe to roll, but for those that want to there’s serious air time to be had.

Aston Hill Compression Socks Available

aston hill compression socksSupport Aston Hill with our new lineup of compression socks for men and compression socks for women.

Wondering "What are Compression Socks?" Fair question. Compression socks are stretchy leg garments built to support the veins in your legs. Basically, when you're biking those veins are working hard to keep blood moving in one direction. The compression socks keep those veins compressed, so the one-way valves in your leg veins don't have to work so hard. They also offer all the protection of normal socks. That way you don't get all scraped up riding through the thornies on your favorite run.

If you're interested, we now have custom "Aston Hill" branded Full Calf Compression Socks available on Amazon. We plan to launch additional lines of 6XL Compression Socks and Gout Socks for Wide Calves. Check them out before your next run! Then come join us and see if you can take a spot on the leaderboard for fastest finisher on "Root Canal".

Prizes for Saturday's Ride

Saturday's ride now now has prizes for the top 3 fastest finishers on Cross Country ("XC"). It's almost 5 miles of twisty turns and shreddable ground. The top 3 finishers will get a rose toy more @ Come early and if all riders get through the course, anyone who wants can do a 2nd ride for a faster time.