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Stolen: small white Knolly Endorphin

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Aston Hill racer and all round good lass Katie Potter has had her bike stolen down in Hampshire.

It’s a small white Knolly Endorphin (pics below); quite a unique bike, so if you see one please put a message on the Facebook thread for Katie. Cheers!

Stolen: white Knolly Endorphin


Get onto the Fuzz!

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Following the break-ins back in April there has been at least one more that the Forestry are aware of. However, they are concerned that there may have been more that they don’t know about; if you have had kit stolen on the Hill, you need to tell both the Forestry Commission and local police.

Police helmet with blue light

Both the police and the Forestry work on statistics. To put it bluntly, if the police think that everything is fine and dandy on the Hill they’ll only drive past once in a blue moon. If they think they have the chance of nicking someone, they’ll come by more often.

Similarly, as a rider you help to pay for the Forestry to have rangers. The rangers are a good bunch, but they have a lot of different roles, staffing Aston Hill being just one. If they know that there is a problem at the Hill it will be in the Forestry’s interests to have staff over there more often.

And the more people in uniforms there are on the Hill, the less chance there is that some light-fingered tea-leaf will think it’s easy pickings.

In the meantime, keep bags, valuables and expensive kit out of sight when not being used, lock your cars and keep an eye out for people acting suspiciously. On the whole thieves are lazy and opportunistic. Why make life easy for them?

The Forestry Commission’s number is 01420 520212.

Bucks Police non-emergency line on 0845 8 505 505 and their website is http://www.thamesvalley.police.uk/yournh-tvp-pol-area-N251.

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Anyone had a jump/4x bike stolen around Tring?

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There was a bike spotted earlier today just outside Tring on a public footpath. Reason it looks dodgy is that there is some reasonable kit on it but it’s been stashed in a bush and has had a really bad respray, with paint ending up on the fork sliders and tyres. Could be absolutely A-OK, but you never know.

Email info@rideastonhill.co.uk with a description of the bike if you know of anyone that’s lost one recently.

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Park smart!

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Unfortunately two cars were broken into on the Hill on 27/04/10.

Just a quick reminder to hide expensive kit when riding there during the week. Small, easy to sell things are what these scum prefer - satnavs, mp3 players, cameras - so either take them with you or hide them somewhere other than the glovebox. Part of the beauty of Aston Hill is, in the crowded south east, it’s pretty secluded. Consequently when it’s not busy - like during the week - there aren’t too many people around to keep an eye on things.

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