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Plenty going on Hillside

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New table on the 423

You may have noticed that there’s not been a lot of news about the work going on at Aston Hill on the site; this is because the builders are posting straight to our Facebook page. Go and take a look to catch up with up-to-the-minute progress!

It should be said that come Spring the Hill is going to be ab-so-lutely sick. It’s not just the complete re-build taking place on DH4 that should have you getting sweaty with excitement, there will also be amends to most downhills and plenty of refinements are planned on the XC to make it more weather-proof, more interesting and more beginner/intermediate-friendly too.

If you see the guys working say hi and ask as many questions as you want, but please stay out of any taped-off areas - there is machinery being used.

Roll on Spring!