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Stolen: small white Knolly Endorphin

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Aston Hill racer and all round good lass Katie Potter has had her bike stolen down in Hampshire.

It’s a small white Knolly Endorphin (pics below); quite a unique bike, so if you see one please put a message on the Facebook thread for Katie. Cheers!

Stolen: white Knolly Endorphin


Anyone had a jump/4x bike stolen around Tring?

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There was a bike spotted earlier today just outside Tring on a public footpath. Reason it looks dodgy is that there is some reasonable kit on it but it’s been stashed in a bush and has had a really bad respray, with paint ending up on the fork sliders and tyres. Could be absolutely A-OK, but you never know.

Email info@rideastonhill.co.uk with a description of the bike if you know of anyone that’s lost one recently.

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