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Weather update for weekend 26th February

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It’s going to be another damp one.

Well, that’s what the BBC and Metcheck are predicting. Again.

After an initially great forecast earlier in the week, the weather gods have conspired against us (again) and are throwing wind, rain and plummeting temperatures against us hardy cyclists. Again.

If the sheer volume of rain predicted falls tonight then it will probably be damp the weekend through. Bizarrely Saturday may be the better day as the mud will be wetter and less claggy - it’s also the warmer day of the two, albeit quite breezy.

If it’s your first time winter riding at Aston Hill read the essentials and the frequently asked questions – clay, chalk and wet roots make Aston Hill a very different animal in the wet! The boardwalk at the bottom of the Red Run is particularly difficult when covered with a layer of mud.

Hang in there; it will soon be time to run to the hills!

Weather update for weekend 25th February 2011