Looking after the Hill and yourself

We don’t have many rules here because we think you are all smart enough to know the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. But just in case here are a few  reminders:

  1. Riding is only permitted during the stated times

  2. All riders must pay to ride - this covers running costs and insurance

  3. No helmet - No riding

  4. Take all rubbish home with you or leave in waste bins

  5. Do not ride beyond your limits

  6. Do not ride on bikes that are faulty or damaged

  7. Respect the trails, avoid unnecessary skidding

  8. Do not venture off the trails

  9. Replace or report damaged course tape

  10. Stop to assist other riders in the event of an accident

  11. Report any incident or trail damage to the gate

  12. If you have body armour...wear it. We suggest at least stockings for swollen legs to prevent leg swelling. Flint and trees are the enemy of flesh and bones!

On a final note Aston Hill is a technically challenging venue. Be realistic about your skill level and how appropriate your bike/equipment is. If in doubt contact us via the news page address. After all we want you to come here to have fun, again and again.