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Get involved!

So you want to help with some trail maintenance? Want to put something into the centre and make your mark on the park? Fancy hanging out with the magical Aston Hillbilly pixies? OK, but I’ll warn you now – it’s hard, hands-on work. You’ll have to do interesting tasks like chopping up stumps, clearing debris and carrying large pieces of wood about, but you’ll be working with a small team creating what we like to think of as magic, deep in the woods.

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In the event of an emergency the following numbers should be used to get help.

Vehicle access to the bottom of the course is via the Chiltern Golf Club.

  • Ambulance, Police and Fire services: 999
  • Forestry Commission: 07796 313507
  • Aston Hill Emergency Number: 07979 826914

Aston Hill’s postcode is HP22 5NQ

Aston Hill grid references are:

  • Car park: 489155, 210145
  • Golf club: 488742, 210460

The nearest Accident and Emergency unit is:

Stoke Mandeville Hospital
Mandeville Road
Aylesbury, Bucks
HP21 8AL

  • Telephone: 01296 315000
  • A&E reception: 01296 315664

If serious DO get medical help and DO NOT put yourself in danger.