Weather update for weekend 26th November


Grippery 3: This time it’s personal.

It’s still pretty good out there, and still surprisingly firm underwheel. Like the previous two weeks, there will be grease (especially in the sections that get little sun and wind, or where the chalk is obvious) so don’t come expecting dusty conditions, but there are some truly gorgeous autumnal sections to session.

Otherwise it’s a still very mild for the time of year with plenty of sun on Sunday and a brisk breeze helping to dry things out. It will be chilly where exposed, so bring a decent jacket for time in the carpark or having a burger.

To give you an idea of how mild it is, this time last year it had snowed up north and was heading down here… Enjoy!

If it’s your first time riding at Aston Hill read the essentials and the frequently asked questions - they answer most enquiries people have about the park. Also bear in mind that Aston Hill becomes a far more technical venue in the wet, so take extra care.

Weather update for weekend 26th November 2011 on Aston Hill

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