Weather update for weekend 5th March


It’s looking promising…

The BBC and Metcheck are predicting the sun to shine - maybe with a hint of drizzle Saturday - but temperatures are forecast to be cold, especially out of the sun. Sunday looks to be the brighter and better day of the two - here’s hoping the the weather holds!

Regarding conditions, it’s still damp with plenty of roost, but it isn’t particularly claggy and will hopefully dry out some more if Saturday’s drizzle isn’t too bad. Don’t go changing tyres to anything slick just yet, but this could just be the best weekend we’ve had in a while.

If it’s your first time riding at Aston Hill read the essentials and the frequently asked questions – this time of year clay, chalk and wet roots make Aston Hill a very different animal. The boardwalk at the bottom of the Red Run is particularly difficult when covered with a layer of mud.

Yeah, I know - it was getting close to the edge. Get out while the sun is shining!

Weather for weekend 5th March 2011 at Aston Hill

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