The 4-2-3 track at 0730 this morning

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The 4-2-3 being used for the Eastern and Central Champs this coming Sunday and below is how it looked at daft o’clock this morning.

For those that haven’t ridden John’s changes, the first three photos are the small new section replacing the flat bends about one third of the way down the course. It’s still loamy and new like the 4-2-3 at the Southern Champs last year - quite a different track to the weathered and battle-scarred trail that’s there now!

Otherwise the track is looking good - the recent rain has provided a great surface to reinforce berms and pack-down the surface, and the final switchbacks are looking steeper and gnarlier than ever.

If you haven’t ridden the 4-2-3 since last year, a few practice runs would be time very well spent before next Sunday.

If you haven’t entered yet, online entry shuts at midnight on Wednesday - after that you can print out a form or enter on the day. But once the entries are gone, they’re gone!

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