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Weather update for weekend 31st July

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It’s been a fairly dry week with only a little bit of rain, meaning that the trails should be running quick and relatively dust-free. The weekend is looking to continue this after a brief shower Saturday morning. However, because it’s been dry recently it’s a good bet that the warm night and cloud moving on through Saturday that the Hill will be providing some good, fast conditions, particularly over Saturday afternoon and evening.

It’s also the Val di Sole round of the World Cup this weekend, so if you find yourself in front of the TV have a peek at Eurosport to catch the action or watch it all on

Speaking of racing, the Eastern and Central Champs entry will be opening in the next few days - watch this space!

Weather for Aston Hill over weekend of 31st July 2010

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Weather update for weekend 24th July

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There’s been some rain through the week but the last few days have been dry, which means that conditions should be pretty close to perfect.

The weekend itself is looking warm with a bit of dew overnight, so again it’s all looking fine!

With the 4-2-3 being confirmed as September’s race track, this weekend is looking like a good one to get some practice in!

Weather update for Aston Hill weekend 24th July

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New Giro helmets!

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Just had an email from our good friend Albert at Madison about the replacement for the Giro Xen that is going to be showing at their icebike tradeshow this week:

Hi Guys,

Here’s a sneak peak at Giro’s new Xar (an evolution of the legendary Xen - £114.99srp – due Feb 2011) and their new Roc Loc 5 fit system that will be rolling out on selected models in the 2011 range (incl. the Xar). It’s only a snippet of the hordes of new pre-Eurobike stuff at the icebike show which also includes…

  • The new bike ranges from Genesis, Commencal and Saracen
  • New lights from Blackburn
  • New bags from Hydrapak
  • New 2011 Shimano Shoe Range
  • New XTR in the flesh
  • New 2011 helmet ranges from Bell and Giro
  • New Giro Gloves

If you have a mate that works in the trade, get him/her/it to get on over to the icebike show armed with a sneaky spy camera and get some shots - the new XTR sounds incredibly bling and the artwork on Giro and Bell helmets is always worth drooling over.

Shots of the new Giro Xar and RocLoc 5 below:

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Weather update for weekend 17th July

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Whoops! Bit late on this one!

There’s been a couple of short, sharp showers at the end of last week and it isn’t looking like it’s going to be a roasting weekend, so expect a bit of grease underwheel. However, what this rain will have done is settle all the dust, so if it stays dry conditions will do nothing but get better for the near future. If you get up there quickly today then there’s a local bike designer also testing for a few hours - brownie points if you spot him.

Otherwise go and enjoy the opportunity to chuck up some roost!

Weather for weekend 17th July 2010

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Boardwalk section in HD

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The new boardwalk section has made it onto Youtube via the camera of Reaver3582 who seems to have been having some fun on the Hill recently, judging by the number of videos he’s posted!

We’ve also added this to the Red Run and XC route pages.

Fast forward to around 2:15 to see him and his mate flow the boards.


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Weather update for weekend 10th July

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It’s going to be hot and dusty.

Despite some rain midweek, it hasn’t changed an awful lot. Fit your dry tyres and expect to be riding in a gravelly mist if you’re freight-training down the Hill.

Toot toot!

weather for weekend 10th July 2010

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Anyone had a jump/4x bike stolen around Tring?

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There was a bike spotted earlier today just outside Tring on a public footpath. Reason it looks dodgy is that there is some reasonable kit on it but it’s been stashed in a bush and has had a really bad respray, with paint ending up on the fork sliders and tyres. Could be absolutely A-OK, but you never know.

Email with a description of the bike if you know of anyone that’s lost one recently.

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Weather update for weekend 3rd July

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It’s been another dry week and because of this the Hill is running fast, dusty, hard and rooty.
And we all know you like it hard and rooty.

It looks like it’s going to be a fairly cool weekend with quite a lot of humidity and maybe even a few drops of rain – it’s probably going to be pretty close and sticky, so wear your best factory wicking kit and get plenty of fluids down you.
But we all know you like it close and sticky.

But overall it looks like it’s set to be another good weekend for ragging bikes at the Hill!
And I’ll buy that for a dollar!

(Well, maybe £6 online or £7 to a ranger)

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