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Weather update for weekend of 29th May

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After a mixed week with trails running fast but a little damp yesterday, all the weather people are saying that it’s going to be wet tomorrow but better from there. And who are we to argue? It’s a bank holiday, so it’s bound to rain. However, after a dry Sunday it’s forecast to be warm and dry Monday, so take full advantage and ride like the wind while you’d normally be at work/school/somewhere else!

May 29 2010 weekend weather for Aston Hill

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Weather update for the weekend 22 May

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The prediction for the weekend is as follows:

After a dry but chilly week, the weekend sun leads us to predict dusty trails with drifty sections, and a rise in serious fun and airtime. All runs are open, with the 4-2-3, 4X and XC expected to see a large amount of action. Therefore we wholeheartedly recommend that this weekend you have fun, be excellent to one another and party on dudes!*

Weather for weekend 22 May 2019

*If you’re under 25 you may not get this reference.

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New section on the 4-2-3

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Those of you that raced the Southern Champs last year on the 4-2-3 will remember the jump at the start straight into a flat turn on a fireroad.

Rider turning after jump onto fireroad

Turning after the jump onto the fireroad

It’s been out of commission for a while to prevent accidents on what was a tricky section.

But now, it’s back.

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Calling rider 244!

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Did you race at the Black Run Race, back in March?

Were you number 244?

Then have a look at page 34 of the June MBUK. You’re famous!

Rider 244 at Aston Hill

Rider 244, as seen in MBUK

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