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Aston Hill video channel

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Alex over at D-Line dropped us a note the other day to let us know that has a channel for Aston Hill on in. This is really cool - nearly all the video footage taken at the Hill is now in one place! It’s at and has coverage of most runs and the last two races.

Got a great vid that you’d like to see to featured? Drop Alex a line here.

Aston Hill channel at

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Park smart!

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Unfortunately two cars were broken into on the Hill on 27/04/10.

Just a quick reminder to hide expensive kit when riding there during the week. Small, easy to sell things are what these scum prefer - satnavs, mp3 players, cameras - so either take them with you or hide them somewhere other than the glovebox. Part of the beauty of Aston Hill is, in the crowded south east, it’s pretty secluded. Consequently when it’s not busy - like during the week - there aren’t too many people around to keep an eye on things.

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First day of summer?

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Super-buff at the Hill; conditions are pretty near to perfect with dry (but not super dusty) trails, warm enough to ride in short sleeves (but cool enough to not make you drip) and no plants grabbing for your bars.

Start of the summer? Here’s hoping.

Rider on Aston Hill's Red Run

First proper day of summer?

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D-Line’s Black Run raceday vid

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In between being a new dad and setting up, Alex from D-Line has somehow found time to do two days of filming at the Black Run race, early last month.

Aston Hill Black Run Day 2 - Race Day from D-Line on Vimeo.